Does Science Disprove God's Existence?

I read with interest this NBC News article that summarized Stephen Hawking's views on the existence of God. In short, Hawking believes that the universe spontaneously created itself. It has no need of a Creator: In quantum studies, it's common to see subatomic particles like protons and electrons seemingly appear out of nowhere, stick around for a while and then disappear again to a completely different location. Because the universe was once the size of a subatomic particle itself, it's plausible that it behaved similarly during the Big Bang, Hawking wrote. I'm a historian, not a scientist, and I'm not competent to offer an opinion on the behavior of sub-atomic particles and whether or not

October 28: What's on Tap

When it comes to where God is leading us, we all suffer from impaired vision. But God can give us the gift of faith and open our eyes to see marvelous things! Join us this Sunday for worship, as we seek to let God be our vision. More details in the video: #FirstPresbyterianChurchColumbiaMO #worship #GospelofMark #Bartimaeus

"Why Do We Do That?"

So, you come to worship each week and you participate in a lot of different sing, you say prayers along with your fellow worshippers, etc.. But, do you really know WHY we do those things? For instance, WHY do we sing when we gather? Or, WHY do we stand and confess our sins, together, every single week? WHY are these defining practices necessary to carrying out a faithful life of worship here at FPC? The folks on the planning team for The Offering, our contemporary worship gathering at First Presbyterian Church, thought we might do something about answering those "Why's?" And so was born the "Why Do We Do That?" video series! For the remainder of the semester, we will be pre

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