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Budget and Finances

Knowing that God wants us to be faithful and generous givers, we counsel, guide and direct our church in the management of finances. Our elders review and analyze monthly financial statements to direct the mission of our church, carefully stewarding the resources given to us to do God’s work.

Each year, an annual budget for operating expenses is prepared from an estimate of income. While subject to approval by Session, it is also presented to the congregation for review, analysis and questions. The operating budget is fundamental to our accountability, transparency and integrity. In response to the Annual Stewardship Campaign for 2018, members submitted pledges of $676,879 which is reflected in a total income estimate for the church's general fund equal to $840,655 for 2018. The 2018 operating budget will support the church's vision of being Disciples Making A Difference with the following allocation of financial resources to living our faith:

  • by Embracing All People, with $128,224 or 15% going towards the work of our Campus Ministry and Outreach Ministry teams to reach out to college students, welcome new members to our church and guests to our facilities, including groups such as MOPs, Encircle, the Korean Congregation, and the Agape Fellowship.

  • by Engaging All Neighborhoods, with $172,038 or 20% going towards our Mission giving and activities, which provide global and national financial assistance in times of disaster and to support congregations starting out, plus locally to agencies such as True North, Older Adult Ministries, CASA and PCHAS. Additionally we support member mission trips, serving at Loaves and Fishes, and hosting Room-At-The-Inn.

  • by Encouraging Each Other with $131,749 or 16% going towards the work of the Deacons, Member Involvement, Finance and Planning & Evaluation Ministry Teams, supporting their efforts to serve our membership, nurture relationships, provide opportunities for fellowship, and engaging in church activity. 

  • by Empowering Lives with $408,664 or 49% going towards the work of the Children and Families, Youth, Adult Discipleship and Worship Ministry Teams as they provide meaningful worship experiences and opportunities for spiritual growth.

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