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Capital Campaign

Our Story

In 2006, we embarked on a journey to realize a vision that God had placed before us. We imagined a facility that was visually attractive and accessible, a facility where we could easily greet and visit with fellow members and visitors, a facility with a safe and convenient childhood center, a facility that reached out to embrace the community.

Today, that vision is a reality:

  • Our facility is almost entirely accessible with the addition of two elevators.

  • Our expanded fellowship hall accommodates large groups for church and community activities.

  • We now have a large welcoming space where people meet and visit on Sundays and many times throughout the week.

  • Our nursery and administrative areas are more convenient, secure and appealing.

In 2015, with our Capital Campaign for 2016-2018, we made a commitment to retire the debt on the capital improvements made in 2007-2008 and to address three emerging critical repairs in older sections of the building.

As good building stewards, we have to maintain and preserve the quality of our entire facility for now and into the future.

Where We Have Come

Through 2016, we have invested approximately $5.4 million in total design, construction, interest and campaign expenses for the capital improvements made in 2007-2008 to our facilities.
By the end of 2017, we have fully retired the debt on the loan for the 2007-2008 Capital Improvements, plus fully funded and completed two of three emerging critical repairs: the installation of new roofs on the Sanctuary, and East and South Wings of the building, and the Tuck Pointing of the exterior of the building. 

Where We Are

We begin 2018 making plans to address the third critical repair: The HVAC project, by evaluating option so decisions can be made on project design, work and funding.


Outstanding pledges and reserves designated for this project total $183,000.

What Is Our Goal?

By the end of 2018, we will have paid off our debt and completed all three critical repairs.
We are grateful to those who continue to fulfill their monetary pledges to the Capital Campaign. We are thankful for the efforts of the church members and staff who work diligently to secure favorable bids for the repairs in progress and manage your gifts to avoid incurring additional debt.
If you would like to pledge your support to the 2016-2018 Capital Campaign, please contact the church office (573) 442-1164.


Do not hesitate to contact the Co-Chairs of the Finance Team: Adam Dowling and David Wainwright, or Paul Mehrle, the church's Treasurer. They may be reached through the church office at (573) 442-1164 with any questions you might have regarding the 2016-2018 Capital Campaign. 

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