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Planned & Legacy Gifts

"When I realized that including my congregation in my estate planning was as simple as naming them as a beneficiary while reviewing my annual benefits, I was thrilled. As a 35-year old, there isn't much of an estate to plan quite yet, but knowing that even my most rudimentary plans do include the Church is something that is important to my desired legacy and gives me great pride." —Rev. Dr. Jonathan Reinink, Associate Pastor

​"I've pledged and tithed my entire life to the church, but I've never felt like I could give as much as I wanted to. By leaving a gift to the church in my will, I can give them what I wasn't able to during my lifetime. And that's really important to me." —Caroline David Rourk, member of First Presbyterian Church Durham, NC


  • What is a Planned Gift?

A gift from your assets or estate, including a bequest, life insurance, real estate, personal property, etc.

  • What Kinds of Gifts?

Gifted Investments | Endowments, Trusts

Securities & Capital | Real Estate, Stocks

Bequests / Wills | Percentage/sums of a final estate value

Beneficiary Gifts | Disbursements from Retirement and Life Insurance policies 

Why Consider a Planned Gift?

Your legacy gift ensures the continued vitality of First Presbyterian Church from one generation to the next. While a planned gift brings a sense of fulfillment to our own lives, it may also provide financial benefits to the donor, including tax savings, reduced capital gains and estate taxes, and release from financial management. You may review a list of Gifts & Memorials Fund to determine if there is a specific fund to which you would like to contribute.


  • How to Make a Planned Gift?

All gifts are appreciated. They may be one-time or periodic.

You can make a memorial contribution to honor someone's memory and greatly benefit the church. You can also designate the church as a beneficiary upon your death.

Contact the church office for more information: call (573) 442-1164, or email  Speak with a member of the Gifts & Memorials Committee to learn more about existing church funds and how these moneys are used. Our Financial Coordinator can provide detailed instructions on how to make gifts to the church. Visit with one of the Pastors for personal guidance and counsel.

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