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How to Keep Christ in Christmas #4

Read the Christmas story in the Bible. Actually, I should say, "stories." There are two stories of Christmas in the Bible. One is in the gospel of Matthew (chapters 1-2), and the other is in the gospel of Luke (chapters 1-2). They're very different. As you read them, ask yourself, "What parts of this story fill you with hope? With wonder?"

There are also some scary scenes in both Christmas stories. How do these scary moments speak to the violence and dread that people experience in today's world?

Next, read the first chapter of the gospel of John. While John does not mention Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, or the wise men, his beautiful words about God's Word becoming flesh are, in their own way, about Christmas. What do you learn from John about who Jesus Christ is that you might not have learned from Matthew or Luke?

Finally, whenever you read the Bible, ask yourself, "Is there an invitation here? What is God inviting me to be or to do in these words?" Do that, and you'll be sure to find Christ this Christmas.

Sometimes, understanding the Bible can be difficult. That's why First Presbyterian Church offers Sunday school classes for all ages, small groups for adults, Dinner and Dialogue events for college students, and Vacation Bible School every summer. If you'd like to learn about the Bible, email us at, and we'll help you get involved!

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