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Counseling & Assistance


Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a way of helping people hold their joys and sorrows in the light of God's wisdom and love. Pastoral care happens in people's homes, in the pastor's office, in hospital and nursing home rooms, and over a cup of coffee. The church's staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with you individually, as well as with couples and families. We can also refer you to community partners for a variety of counseling and therapy services. Please contact the church office for more information.


The congregation elects Deacons to be caregivers for the church. Each deacon serves in a variety of ways including communicating with their flock to understand the needs of members, serving communion, and aiding in the spiritual growth of the congregation. Deacons are available for hospital visitations, coordinating meals, transportation, and prayer requests.

Caring Chefs

A ministry of the Deacons, this group focuses on providing meals when members may need them the most such as during an illness or injury, death of a loved one, or welcoming a new baby to the family.


Funeral Assistance

When your loved one dies, the FPC pastor will help you plan a funeral or memorial service that glorifies God and give thanks to God for the life of your loved one. Depending on your wishes and needs, the church may provide a meal or reception after the service in the Ramsey Fellowship Hall. Other services may include  arranging meal delivery for family members of the deceased and ongoing prayer and pastoral care support.

2019 Kermack Parker Committee.jpg


Named for two sisters whose grandfather was a minister of FPC, the Kermack-Parker Committee manages a trust fund that serves women over 60 in Columbia and Boone County. Support includes providing wheelchairs or walkers, assistance with prescriptions, and living stipends. Click here to learn more about this difference-making ministry!

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