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How to Keep Christ in Christmas #7

The cry "Keep Christ in Christmas" reflects an anxiety about losing sight of Jesus Christ at this time of year, either because society is becoming more secular, or because society is too preoccupied with shopping, or for some other reason. In fact, we are always on the verge of losing sight of Jesus Christ! That's because he is leading us and looking over his shoulder and saying to us, "Follow me to a place you may not want to go" (John 21:18-19).

So keeping Christ in Christmas finally comes down to taking up our own cross and following him. If we follow Jesus, we will go places we fear to go, accept unpleasant tasks, make sacrifices, and speak up when it would be prudent to keep our mouths shut. We will suffer. But remember the Good News: God raised Jesus Christ from the dead! And he will raise everyone who steps out in faith and follows him.

At First Presbyterian Church we are on the path of discipleship, trying to keep up with Jesus as he looks over his shoulder and says, "This way!" The journey is more fun when you aren't traveling alone. So walk with us. And let's keep close on the heels of Jesus.

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