Starting April 25, we will hold indoor and outdoor worship services with COVID-19 safety precautions. For the latest updates, sign-up for our daily e-newsletters.

OUR Vision

Disciples Making  a Difference

OUR Mission

Making disciples of Jesus Christ by 

  • Embracing All People

  • Engaging All Neighborhoods

  • Encouraging One Another

  • Empowering Lives


Our services feature inspiring music and preaching that connects the Bible to everyday life. We're now hosting onsite services with COVID-19 safety protocols.


Our Latest Worship Service:

We carry out Christ’s ministry of love and justice as a congregation and as individuals through financial giving, personal witness, and action to care for the physical, financial and spiritual needs of God’s people. LEARN MORE

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We gather online and in small groups to support each other and discover what the scriptures lead us to believe and do. Whether you're a college student, a mom, or a fourth-grader, there is a place for you here! LEARN MORE


Click here to discover some of the ways we resource parents as they nurture their children in Christian faith and practices!