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Lenten Discipline: Giving Alms

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus says, "When you give alms," not "If you give alms." Jesus expects his disciples to share what they have with those who lack food, clothing, shelter, or medicine.

At First Presbyterian Church, there are many ways that you can give of your time or your money to assist those who are in need. Check the home page for links to volunteer for our Saturday Cafe ministry, which provides hot meals on Saturday mornings from December through March, and for Loaves and Fishes, which provides dinner at Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church.

Our operating budget supports local agencies such as the Voluntary Action Center, which provides a variety of services to our low income neighbors in Columbia. First Presbyterian members recently returned from a mission trip to SW Louisiana to help victims of flooding rebuild their lives. More trips will follow as the need arises.

If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, join us! We want to obey Jesus's commandments and be Disciples Making a Difference.

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