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What Happened at the Annual Meeting?

Rev. Lindsay gave an overview of our consultant’s recommendations for congregational growth. The PowerPoint slides that accompanied that overview are here.

  1. The congregation tabled indefinitely a motion from the Session to dissolve the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee, and sent back to the Session a “sense of the congregation” resolution that it would be appropriate to use funds from a recent sale of stock to fund staff salaries.

  2. During that discussion, Elder Kent Hopper asked those who were present to prayerfully consider increasing their pledge to the 2020 operating budget. $23,100.00 in new pledges were submitted.

  3. The congregation approved Rev. Lindsay’s terms of call for 2020, which include a 3% increase in salary.

What’s next?

  1. The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) will continue its work. They will submit for the Session’s approval a job description (called a Ministry Information Form, or MIF). Once approved, the MIF will be posted with the denomination’s job matching service, Church Leadership Connection. The APNC will receive résumés from pastoral candidates, conduct interviews, and recommend a finalist to the congregation for its approval.

  2. The Session will adopt a revised 2020 budget that funds an Associate Pastor position.

  3. There is an open search for a new, full-time Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry. The Personnel Team is conducting interviews and hopes to recommend a candidate for hire to the Session shortly.

  4. Rev. Lindsay will work with the Planning and Evaluation Team to prioritize recommendations from our consultant, delegate specific recommendations to specific ministry teams and staff members, and evaluate progress toward meeting our goals.

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