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Blessing and Being Blessed

In 2022 First Presbyterian is making a difference by sponsoring an Afghan refugee family. We are working under the guidance and supervision of Catholic Charities

of Central and Northern Missouri. Betsy Rall and Sally Swanson are co-chairing our sponsorship team. It is still very early in the process. While we wait for Catholic Charities to accept our application, we are gathering copies of driver’s licenses and proof of insurance for volunteers who will be driving the family to appointments. Sally and Betsy have circulated a list of items to be donated. That list is a general one. Once we are paired with a specific family, new items will be added to that list. If you’d like to contribute

monetarily to the effort, make a check payable to “First Presbyterian Church” and note that the check is for refugee sponsorship in the memo line. We have talked with other volunteer groups who are further along in the process than we are. All of them

report that this experience has blessed them as much as they have been a blessing for an Afghan family. I expect that we too will be blessed as a congregation in this undertaking.

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