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Make Your House a Home for Christ

Writing sermons is like making movies. Some interesting stuff always winds up on the cutting room floor. Here is something from the cutting room floor of my February 7 sermon: in Mark’s gospel, the house is always a safe space for Jesus, but houses of worship are hostile territory. In different houses, Jesus heals Simon’s mother-in-law, raises a girl from the dead, is shown hospitality by social misfits, answers the disciples’ questions, and explains his hard-to-understand parables. But in houses of worship, Jesus’s preaching angers worshippers. Their leaders plot to kill him.

Today there is a different sort of tension between encountering Jesus at home and in a house of worship. We grow tired of worshipping from our sofas. We’d rather be at church.

Until on-site worship resumes, lay hold of Mark’s promise that your house can be a home for Christ. Start on Ash Wednesday, February 17. Go to our home page, and use the "Let's Get Connected" pop-up to request an order of worship for our Ash Wednesday worship service. If you're already on our email list, you'll get one automatically. On the 17th at 7:00 PM, we'll lead you through this worship service at our YouTube channel. Prepare for Ash Wednesday by making a space in your home where you can be fully present to Christ. Some suggestions: light a candle. Maybe find a pillow on the floor to sit on, or sit in your favorite chair. Brew some tea, and turn on some music that moves your spirit. Set your phone aside.

Maintain this space after Ash Wednesday. Invite the Lord to meet you there on a daily basis. Bring to him your loved ones who are sick. Ask him to teach you about the kingdom of God.

And then, when we come back to 16 Hitt Street, let’s welcome him there too.

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