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Afghan Family Team Update

Did you know?

* FPC members and friends have donated over $8,000 so far to meet expenses such as rent and furnishing the house or apartment. Thank you!

* 30 members are on the team at this time.

* Volunteers will serve on one or more of 12 committees

* Team members who will have direct contact with the family must have a background check, submit copies of their driver's license and vehicle insurance card, and complete over 6 hours of training provided by Catholic Charities. Our training will be on Friday, Feb. 4.

* The team must be ready to welcome our family at the airport, provide an appropriate meal, and transport them to their new home with very little notice of their arrival. We will not know how many are in the family, and if anyone speaks English until they are actually here.

* You do not have to be "on the team" to be a part of this unique experience. There will be tasks to be done that do not require much time or training.

* Reading suggestion: The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini (NYT best seller). It is a novel, but will give you some background on Afghan culture.

Please pray for this volunteer team as they prepare for this hands-on ministry experience. Please pray about how you can support them, or join them.

Questions? Contact Co-Chairs Sally Swanson and Betsy Rall or Administrative Team members Marvin Lindsay and Jon Reinink.

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